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Prior to 1972, no regular Courts like the other parts of the country had been functioning in Gilgit Baltistan and judicial matters were dealt under the FCR. The Resident Commissioner was exercising the powers of a Judge of High Court; the Political Agent was vested with the powers of District & Sessions Judge while the Assistant Political Agents were functioning as Civil Judges. In 1972 some sort of administrative and judicial system had introduced over the area by abolishing FCR and the laws of Pakistan also extended to Gilgit-Baltistan by the Kashmir Affairs Ministry, consequently Gilgit-Baltistan was declared one Sessions division by appointing a District and Sessions Judge at Gilgit and Civil Courts were also established.


The Court of Resident Commissioner exercising the same powers of Judge High Court was substituted with the Court of Judicial Commissioner in 1976 with the powers of High Court and another Court of District and Sessions Judge was also established in Skardu. Later on some other posts of District and Sessions Judges were created in the newly established districts in the Northern Areas.


The most senior District & Sessions Judges of NWFP Judiciary were appointed as Judicial Commissioners Northern Areas.


The following Judges served as Judicial Commissioners in the Northern Areas.


Mr. Shafi  Mohammad R. Akhund  

From 25-03-1976 to 01-09-1976


Syed Shaukat Ali Shah Gilani      

From 17-07-1977 to 05-05-1979


Mr. Mohammad Bashir Jehangiri   

From 26-06-1979 to 12-12-1982 (Elevated as Judge in Peshawar High Court, elevated as Judge in Supreme Court of Pakistan and retired as Chief Justice of Pakistan).


Mr. Mahbub Ali Khan                  

From 22-03-1983 to 25-07-1984 (Elevated as Judge in Peshawar High Court).


Mr. Sardar Muhammad Raza        

From 26-07-1984 to 08-10-1988 (Elevated as Judge in Peshawar High Court, elevated as Judge in Supreme Court of Pakistan and retired as Judge, now functioning as Chief Election Commissioner of Pakistan).


Mr. Muhammad Nawaz Khan      

From 09-10-1988 to 29-05-1990


Syed Ijaz-ul-Hassan                  

From 23-06-1990 to 08-08-1992 (Elevated as Judge in Peshawar High Court).


Mr. Muhammad Khurshid Khan   

From 09-11-1992 to 01-08-1993 (on current charge basis)


Mr. Muzaffar-H-Malik                  

From 02-08-1993 to 23-11-1994 (on current charge basis)

In the year 1994, the Federal Government further introduced reforms in judicial system and the Court of Judicial commissioner Northern Areas was converted into Chief Court under the Chief Court Establishment Order 1998, which was comprised of a Chairman and two Members, with the same judicial powers as were vested to the Judicial Commissioner.


The following Judges served as Chairman Chief Court:


Mr. Justice Muhammad Ishaq Khan      

From 24-11-1994 to 09-08-1998


Mr. Justice Zeenat Khan                      

From 10-08-1998 to 24-10-2000


Mr. Justice Muzaffar-H-Malik                

From 27-10-2000 to 04-02-2004


Mr. Justice Muhammad Khurshid Khan  

From 05-02-2004 to 13-11-2004 (on acting charge basis)


Mr. Justice Raja  Jalal Uddin                

From 23-11-2004 to 29-04-2005 (on acting charge basis)


Mr. Justice Raja Jalal Uddin                

From 30-04-2005 to 08-09-2009


When the August Supreme Court of Pakistan pronounced its land mark judgment in case titled "Al-Jehad Trust Versus Federation of Pakistan" reported in 1999 SCMR 1379 and ordered Federation of Pakistan to equate the Chief Court with High Court and also conferred the writ jurisdiction for the enforcement of the fundamental rights of Northern Areas with in a period of six months by declaring the people of Northern Areas as citizens of Pakistan. The Government of Pakistan empowered the Chief Court to entertain the writ petitions by implementing the judgment of the Apex Court of Pakistan through amendments in the Northern Areas Governance Order 1994 in the month of October/November 1999.


In 2007, the Federal Government conferred more powers to the Chief Court and it was brought at par with the other Provincial High Courts and the designation of Chairman was substituted with Chief Judge, whereas the members were named as Judges, later on their perks and privileges were also brought at par with the Chief Justice and Judges of Provincial High Courts like other Provinces of Pakistan. In the year 2009, the Government of Pakistan promulgated Gilgit-Baltistan (Empowerment and Self Governance) Order, 2009, in Gilgit-Baltistan and through the said Order a Provincial set-up was given to the area. The strength of Judges of Chief Court was increased from three to five.


The following Hon’ble Judges served/serving as Chief Judge Gilgit-Baltistan Chief Court.


Mr. Justice Raja Jalal Uddin                

From 09-09-2009 to 07-02-2013


Mr. Justice Sahib Khan                        

From 08-02-2013 to 10.06.2017


Mr. Justice Wazir Shakeel Ahmed (Acting Chief Judge)

From 12-06-2017 30.11.2017. 


Mr. Justice Wazir Shakeel Ahmed (Chief Justice)

From 30-11-2017 to 31.01.2020. 


Mr. Justice Malik Haq Nawaz (Chief Justice)

From 31-01-2020 to 28-08-2021.


Mr. Justice Ali Baig (Acting Chief Justice)

From 01-09-2021 15-09-2021. 


Mr. Justice Ali Baig (Chief Justice)

From 16-09-2021 to till now. 





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As On  19.09.2021
S.No. Case No. P.Name R.Name Date
1 Cr.Misc.45/98 Ahmed Joo District & Sessions Judge 17-08-1999
2 Cr.Misc.55/99 State Ijlal Hussain 08-10-1999
3 C.Misc.127/2000 Muhmmad Alam Home Secretary 06-10-2000
4 Cr.Misc.88/2000 Mst. Akbar Khatoon Hussain Ali 06-10-2000
5 Cr.Misc.53/2000 Bilal Hussain State 25-11-2000
6 Cr.Misc.109/2000 State Noor Alam 12-12-2000
7 Cr.Misc.95/2000 Muhammad Alam Home Secretary 15-12-2000
8 Cr.Misc.65/99 State Qadir 28-12-2000
9 Cr.Misc.47/2001 State Shahid Hussain 02-05-2001
10 Cr.Ap.04/2000 State Ghazi 15-08-2001
11 Cr.Misc.04/2000 Mir Afzal etc. State 28-08-2001
12 Cr.Rev.05/2000 State Ikramullah etc. 03-09-2001
13 Cr.Ap.03/2000 Ikram etc. State 03-10-2001
14 CFA.35/96 Haji Ghulam Serwar Haji Sultan Yousaf 29-11-2001
15 CFA.37/96 Haji Sultan Yousaf Haji Ghulam Sarwar 29-11-2001
16 CSA.03/2001 Mst: Zar Begum Mst: shah Begum 22-03-2002
17 CSA.09/2000 Feroz Khan Khano Khan 01-08-2002
18 Cr.Misc.106/2002 Nawab Ali etc. State 18-11-2002
19 Cr.Misc.08/03 Raja Shah Dawran Ali Haibib Ur Rehman 04-06-2003
20 CFA.08/2005 SME Bank Muhammad Sharif 23-11-2006
21 CFA.08/09 Provincial Government Shaheen Khan 01-01-2009
22 Cr.Ap.19/08 State Gohar Hayat 14-04-2009
23 Wp.30/04 Mehfuzul Haq Provincial Government 02-09-2009
24 Cr.Misc.72/09 State Muhammad Ibrahim 08-09-2009
25 WP.48/2008 Muhammad Bashir Zonal Chief HBFC 30-06-2010
26 C.Rev.02/06 Shakoor Khan SCO etc. 30-11-2010
27 WP.32/11 Mr. Ali Baig ADSJ etc. Government of Pakistan 18-05-2011
28 Cr.Ap.06/12 State Janzada etc. 01-01-2012
29 C.Misc.24/13 Hira Jan Provincial Government etc. 16-08-2013
30 C.Misc.23/13 Iqbal Hussain Provincial Government 03-12-2013
31 C.Rev.84/14 Bashandagan-e-Gulabpur Pushtani Bashandagan-e-Gulapur 01-01-2014
32 C.Misc.132/14 Afsar Jan Provincial Government 02-12-2014
33 COC.03/15 Faiz Ahmed Sikander Sultan 12-08-2015
34 C.Misc.232/13 Abdullah Khan Provincial Government 02-08-2016
35 CFA.02/12 Fida Trading Company Government of Pakistan 29-08-2016
36 Cr.Rev.16/16 Shoukat Rasheed State NAB 19-10-2016
37 Cr.Ap.35/16 Arif Uddin State 17-11-2016
38 C.Misc.199/15 Saeed Mir Javed Hussain 23-11-2016
39 M.Ref.01/17 State Shah Faisal etc 28-02-2017
40 WP.128/15 Sabir Ali Provincial Government etc. 28-02-2017
41 WP.38/13 Muhammad Yaqoob Provincial Government 07-03-2017
42 C.Misc.198/15 Tariq Mir Javed Hussain 20-09-2017
43 C.Suit.01/07 Javed Hussain Tariq Mir 20-09-2017
44 C.Misc.127/17 Muhammad Hussain Provincial Government etc. 27-09-2017
45 Cr.Ap.10/16 State Abdul Wakeel 04-10-2017
46 C.Rev.94/16 LRs. of Late Shamshair Ali LRs. of Late Naib Khan 12-10-2017
47 C.Rev.03/18 Muhammad Shah Provincial Government etc. 09-02-2018
48 C.Rev.03/18 a/w C.Misc.15/18 Muhammad Shah Provincial Government 09-02-2018
49 COC.01/18 Fida Hussain Zahid Iqbal. 21-02-2018
50 C.Misc.23/18 Fida Hussain Provincial Government 21-02-2018
51 C.Misc.154/16 Iftikhar Ali VC KIU 17-05-2018
52 C.Misc.47/18 Muhammad Rafi AKESP 27-06-2018
53 COC.12/18 Jawahir Khan State 24-10-2018
54 WP.31/15 Muhammad Issa Khan etc. D.G Gerenal CAA 29-11-2018
55 C.Misc.463/18 a/w WP.210/18 Shahid Hussain Sajid Ali 25-02-2019
56 WP.210/18 Sajid Ali Provincial Government 25-02-2019
57 CFA.38/18 M/S Alied Bank Ltd M/S Karakoram Co-operative Bank 14-03-2019
58 Cr.AP.42/17 Iftikhar Hussain State 19-03-2019
59 Cr.Ap.43/14 Baba Jan etc. State 19-03-2019
60 Cr.Ap.43/14 a/w Cr.Misc.50/15 Baba Jan etc. State 19-03-2019
61 C.Misc.79/19 Ambreen Baig Government of G.B 01-04-2019
62 C.Misc.167/14 Muhammad Ali Jalal Sultan 16-04-2019
63 CFA.19/14 Muhammad Abbas etc. Director General FWO 509 17-04-2019
64 Cr.AP.29/17 ANF through SP Dilshad 17-04-2019
65 Cr.AP.47/17 State Ghulam Abbas 07-05-2019
66 Cr.Ap.47/19 State Ghulam Abbas 07-05-2019
67 COC.03/19 Dr. Muhammad Nisar-ul-Haq Atta Ullah Khan VC KIU 20-05-2019
68 C.Misc.243/19 Khush Muhammad etc. Provincial Government 03-07-2019
69 COC.04/19 a/w C.Misc.50/19 Shah Alam Provincial Government 03-07-2019
70 C.Misc.129/18 Effecties of Sadpara Dam Chairman WAPDA 04-07-2019
71 Cr.Ap.12/15 a/w Cr.Rev.06/15 Salah Ud Din State 05-08-2019
72 C.Misc.168/19 Mehdi Ali etc. Provincial Government 21-08-2019
73 WP.57/19 Mst. Qamar Fatima Provincial Government 16-09-2019
74 C.Misc.368/19 Manzoor Ahmed Provincial Government 17-09-2019
75 WP.160/15 Malikan-e-Khiner Provincial Government 19-09-2019
76 C.Misc.286/19 Mst: Sitara Khanum Prov.Govt 04-11-2019
77 WP.203/18 (Astore) Mst. Farzana Provincial Government 07-11-2019
78 Cr.Misc.163/14 Inayat Khan Federation of Pakistan 27-02-2020
79 C.Misc.163/14 Inayat Khan etc. Federation of Pakistan 27-02-2020
80 Cr.Ap.30/14 Ghufran Imdad Hussain 27-02-2020
81 WP.45/12 a/w C.Misc.163/14 Inayat Khan etc. Federation of Pakistan 27-02-2020
82 COC.15/19 (DMR) Muhammad Jamal Shahid Zaman 02-03-2020
83 CFA.30/18 Provincial Government Amir Jan etc. 03-03-2020
84 CFA.33/18 Ali Akbar Abdul Latif 03-03-2020
85 Cr.AP.22/19 State Sabir Jan 04-06-2020
86 WP.69/16 a/w C.Misc.182/16 Kiran Sultan Provincial Government 09-06-2020
87 C.Misc.182/16 In WP.69/16 Kiran Sultan Provincial Government 09-06-2020
88 C.Misc.236/19 Kiran Sultan Provincial Government 09-06-2020
89 WP.207/17 Syed Touqeer Hussain Provincial Government 25-06-2020
90 C.Misc.355/18 In WP.207/17 Syed Touqeer Hussain Provincial Government 25-06-2020
91 C.Misc.01/18 In WP.01/18 Saeed Gul Secretary Ministry of Kashmir Affairs 30-06-2020
92 WP.01/18 Saeed Gul Secretary Ministry of Kashmir Affairs 30-06-2020
93 WP.121/14 Molvi Muhammad Yousaf Raja Shah Usman etc. 11-08-2020
94 WP.215/17 Abdul Wahid etc. Ejaz Uddin 18-08-2020
95 WP.80/20 Eman Shah Provincial Government 24-08-2020
96 Cr.Ap.15/14 a/w Cr.Misc.21/17, Cr.Misc.10/18 Mir Ahmed State 27-08-2020
97 Cr.Misc.21/17 Mir Ahmed State 27-08-2020
98 Cr.Misc.10/18 Mir Ahmed State 27-08-2020
99 Cr.Ap.46/15 a/w Cr.Rev.03/16 (AST) Ifham-ul-Haq State 27-08-2020
100 Cr.Ap.02/19 Muhammad Ali Yougavi State (NAB) 27-08-2020
101 Cr.Ap.01/19 Gujar Khan State (NAB) 27-08-2020
102 Cr.Rev.03/16 Muhammad Zaman Ifham-ul-Haq 27-08-2020
103 C.Misc.562/19 Dr. Muhammad Ismail etc. KIU through V.C 31-08-2020
104 C.Misc.279/14 In CFA.52/14 Provincial Governmnet Ghairat Shah etc 01-09-2020
105 C.Misc.252/14 In CFA.45/14 Provincial Government Mehmood Alam etc. 01-09-2020
106 CFA.24/19 Dawar Shah Chairman AKESP 01-09-2020
107 CFA.32/19 Chairman AKESP etc. Dawar Shah 01-09-2020
108 WP.291/19 Sifat Bahadur etc. Provincial Government 01-09-2020
109 Cr.Rev.25/17 State Mudasir Ali Khan 01-09-2020
110 Cr.Ap.46/17 Mudasir Ali Khan State 01-09-2020
111 C.Misc.339/14 In CFA.45/14 Mehmood Alam Provincial Government 01-09-2020
112 C.Misc.337/14 Ghairat Shah Provincial Government 01-09-2020
113 CFA.45/14 a/w C.Misc.252/14, C.Misc.339/14 Provincial Government Mehmood Alam etc. 01-09-2020
114 CFA.52/14 a/w C.Misc.279/14 Provincial Governmnet Ghairat Shah etc 01-09-2020
115 Cr.Ap.27/13 State Iftikhar Hussain 03-09-2020
116 Cr.Ap.05/11 a/w Cr.Misc.71/14 Cr.Misc.113/13 State Sharafat Hussain King etc. 03-09-2020
117 Cr.Misc.71/14 in Cr.Ap.05/11 State Sharafat Hussain 03-09-2020
118 Cr.Misc.113/14 in Cr.Ap.05/11 Haider Abbas State 03-09-2020
119 Cr.Ap.20/16 a/w Cr.Ap.23/16 Zahid Ullah State 03-09-2020
120 Cr.AP.23/16 Abid Ali Shah State 03-09-2020
121 Cr.AP.10/20 Chairman NAB Mir Afzal etc. 10-09-2020
122 Cr.AP.09/20 Chairman NAB Shoukat Rasheed 10-09-2020
123 Cr.Ap.07/20 Chairman NAB Muhammad Hanif etc. 10-09-2020
124 Cr.AP.06/20 Chirman NAB Hashmatullah etc. 10-09-2020
125 C.Misc.160/19 Habib-ur-Rehman etc. Provincial Government 17-09-2020
126 Cr.Ap.50/12 a/w Cr.AP.51/12, C.Rev.18/12 Israr-ul-Haq State 29-09-2020
127 Cr.Ap.51/12 State Muhammad Tahir 29-09-2020
128 Cr.Rev.18/12 State Israr-ul-Haq 29-09-2020
129 C.Rev.40/11 Rustam Ali Secretary Ministary of KANA 29-09-2020
130 C.Misc.633/19 in C.Misc.632/19 Bashandagan-e-Sher Qillah etc. Noor Uddin etc. 05-10-2020
131 C.Misc.632/19 a/w C.Misc.633/19 Bashandagan-e-Sher Qillah etc. Noor Uddin etc. 05-10-2020
132 Cr.AP.22/15 a/w Cr.AP.23/15, M.Ref.03/15 State Afsar Jan 06-10-2020
133 Cr.Ap.23/15 State Muhammad Anwar Muawiya 06-10-2020
134 M.Ref.03/15 in Cr.AP.22/15 State Afsar Jan 06-10-2020
135 WP.129/18 Muhammad Ali Yougvi State (NAB) 08-10-2020
136 COC.18/20 Mst: Hakima Awais DIG 02-11-2020
137 WP.166/20 Public of Runai Chilas IGP etc. 02-11-2020
138 CFA.01/18 Provincial Government Syed Faiz Ali Shah 23-11-2020
139 COC.20/20 Abdul Ghayas Shahid Zaman 30-11-2020
140 C.Rev.66/19 Khush Amdin Provincial Government 04-12-2020
141 WP.243/20 Naib Khan Sultan Wali 07-12-2020
142 Cr.AP.49/20 State Bilal Ahmed etc. 07-12-2020
143 C.Misc.63/20 Farooq Ahmed etc. Provincial Government etc. 18-02-2021
144 C.Misc.348/18 In CFA.25/14 Alam Jan GM Aga Khan Education etc. 23-02-2021
145 C.Misc.125/17 Alam Jan General Manager AKES Pakistan 23-02-2021
146 CFA.25/14 Alam Jan GM AKES 23-02-2021
147 Cr.AP.60/20 State Ghandal Shah etc. 04-03-2021
148 Cr.AP.03/21 Shah Khalid Ghandal Shah etc. 04-03-2021
149 WP.59/19 Muhammad Arif etc. Secretary Finance etc. 08-03-2021
150 C.Misc.635/19 Ali Dad Muhammad Hussain 10-03-2021
151 C.Misc.189/19 in C.Rev.41/19 Ali Dad Muhammad Hussain 10-03-2021
152 C.Rev.41/19 a/w C.Misc.189/19 Ali Dad Muhammad Hussain 10-03-2021
153 CFA.18/20 Barkat Ali Muhammad Abbas 15-03-2021
154 Cr.Misc.247/20 Said-ur-Rehman NAB 22-03-2021
155 WP.312/19 Said-ur-Rehman NAB 22-03-2021
156 CFA.59/18 Khush Nawaz Mst. Najma 22-03-2021
157 C.Misc.260/20 Muhammad Issa Chairman NATCO 01-04-2021
158 CFA.17/17 Ishaq Ullah Baig Provincial Government 15-04-2021
159 C.Misc.202/20 Younas Hussain Provincial Government 15-04-2021
160 C.Misc.471/20 Saleem Raza etc. Government of GB 26-04-2021
161 C.Misc.214/21 Fazal Ahmed Government of G.B 29-04-2021
162 C.Misc.229/20 Saima etc. Provincial Government 03-05-2021
163 C.Misc.209/21 Mst. Karishma Provincial Government etc. 03-05-2021
164 C.Misc.159/21 Shukat Ali etc. Government of G.B 03-05-2021
165 C.Misc.04/20 in C.Misc.03/20 Rehana Provincial Government 03-05-2021
166 C.Misc.03/20 a/w C.Misc.04/20 Rehana Provincial Government 03-05-2021
167 C.Rev.45/21 a/w C.Misc.228/21 Nadir Ali etc. Malikan Bato Khail etc. 25-05-2021
168 C.Misc.228/21 in C.Rev.228/21 Nadir Ali etc. Malikan Bato Khail etc. 25-05-2021
169 C.Misc.115/21 Shah Wali Provincial Government etc. 14-06-2021
170 C.Misc.570/20 Mst. Kulsoom etc. Provincial Government etc. 14-06-2021
171 C.Misc.268/20 Khuda Yar etc. Provincial Government etc. 17-06-2021
172 C.Misc.416/21 Dr. Muhammad Shahnawaz VC KIU etc. 21-06-2021
173 C.Misc.290/21 Mst. Sara Government of G.B etc. 24-06-2021
174 C.Misc.427/21 Amjad Hussain Chief Minister GB etc. 24-06-2021
175 C.Misc.237/21 Muhammad Saddiq Akthar NBP etc. 24-06-2021
176 C.Misc.429/21 Dr. Aqil Government of G.B etc. 24-08-2021
177 Cr.Misc.273/20 Zaib Alam Muhammad Sadiq etc. 25-08-2021

S/No. Category Total
1 C.Misc. 55
2 C.Revision 9
3 C.Suit 1
4 CFA 18
5 COC 8
6 Cr.Appeal 35
7 Cr.Misc. 19
8 Cr.Revision 5
9 CSA 2
10 M.Ref. 2
11 Writ Petiton 23


As On  19.09.2021
S.No. Case No. P.Name R.Name Date
1 C.Rev.28/17 (SKD) Syed Ali Syed Shujjat Abbas etc. 24-08-2017
2 C.Misc.24/17 (SKD) Syed Ali Syed Shujjat Abbas etc. 24-08-2017
3 C.Rev.28/14 (SKD) a/w C.Misc.17/15 Shakoor etc. Mst. Zubaida etc. 10-10-2018

S/No. Category Total
1 C.Misc. 1
2 C.Revision 2


Dates of Hearing Total Cases
Monday, 20.09.2021 45
Tuesday, 21.09.2021 48
Wednesday, 22.09.2021 43
Thursday, 23.09.2021 42
Friday, 24.09.2021 44
Saturday, 25.09.2021 1
Monday, 27.09.2021 44
Wednesday, 29.09.2021 63
Thursday, 30.09.2021 53
Friday, 01.10.2021 64
Monday, 04.10.2021 34
Tuesday, 05.10.2021 37
Wednesday, 06.10.2021 30
Thursday, 07.10.2021 47
Friday, 08.10.2021 41
Monday, 11.10.2021 22
Tuesday, 12.10.2021 7
Wednesday, 13.10.2021 39
Thursday, 14.10.2021 20
Friday, 15.10.2021 13
Monday, 18.10.2021 8
Wednesday, 20.10.2021 14
Friday, 22.10.2021 7
Wednesday, 27.10.2021 25


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